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Careers Leader Information and Resources

Last updated 06 April 2022
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Welcome to the Careers Leaders information and resources page.   

Resources have been compiled by the Careers and Enterprise team.  Some resources have been created locally while others are available on the CEC resource directory and have been chosen for their relevance to our region. 

Supporting the Careers Leaders in their Role

The Careers and Enterprise education engagement team are here to help you understand your role and assist you in making an impact.  We understand that many Careers Leaders have different 'hats' within their education institute, and so we are here to provide resources and information to help you efficiently and effectively carry out this important role within your institute, and ensure that you are able to show progress and impact to not only your senior leadership team, but also school governors, and, when the time comes, Ofsted. 

A short video on the role of Enterprise M3 and the education engagement enterprise coordinator.


Does your school/college have a vision statement?  Does it include careers?

What is in your school development plan?  What are your priorities?  How can careers help achieve these priorities?

How do you report on careers development?  How do you show SLT the outcomes of your work?

Audit your website Ensure your website is up to scratch, following best practice guidelines, and ready for audit with this helpful template

Stakeholder Mapping - Roles involved in delivery of careers - which of these are in your school/college? see downloads to the right of this page, below contents

Achievement of Gatsby Benchmarks 

The EM3 team aim to provide resources and information to support achievement of Gatsby Benchmarks.

Gatsby Benchmark One - Stable Careers Programme

Our 'Make it happen' guides to help careers leaders to address areas in Gatsby Benchmark One can be found in the 'Download' section on the right hand side of this screen. 

Gatsby Benchmark Two - Learning from Career and Labour Market Information

What roles are in the region?

What salaries can you earn?

What are growth sectors?

Find out more here

Gatsby Benchmark Four - Linking Career to Curriulum

See EM3 CEC Video library document in related content to the right hand side of this page.  Share with teaching staff to support them in linking career to the curriculum for students. 

Evaluating Impact

Evaluation is a process that examines a project. It involves collecting and analyzing information about a program’s activities, characteristics, and outcomes. Its purpose is to make judgments about a program, to improve its effectiveness, and/or to inform programming decisions

Why evaluate?

Gatsby Benchmarks - requirement for Benchmark One 

Ofsted Requirements

Key Ofsted Themes - Autumn 2021

Quality assessments - The Matrix, Career Mark, Quality in Careers

For Students - ensure that activities meet requirements and gaps that result in overall positive outcomes for students through continuous improvement

How to evaluate?

Careers Leader Impact Evaluation Toolkit

Evaluation guide

Careers Leader Training

Calendar of events available here.  


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