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Revive and Renew

Revive and Renew - The Recovery and Renewal Action Plan

Last updated 26 July 2023
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Revive and Renew

A step change in digital connectivity, and a focus on skills to get people into good jobs and long-term employment are among the key areas for action and investment identified in “Revive & Renew”a Recovery and Renewal Action Plan for the Enterprise M3 area.

The Action Plan draws on evidence gathered for the Local Industrial Strategy, and on new, refreshed analysis in light of the impact of Covid19.

The result is an agenda for action which not only addresses the challenges of economic recovery, but highlights promising opportunities for transformation and renewal in many aspects of the area’s economy.

You can download and read 'Revive and Renew, a short executive summary and all the evidence on which it is based in the 'related documents' section below. 


You can view a summary of the Revive and Renew Action plan here.

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