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Future Workspace Programme

Last updated 30 June 2022
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As part of Enterprise M3 LEPs Revive and Renew Action Plan, the LEP has established a £500,000 pilot programme to test out innovative ways and environments for safe and flexible working.

 This is supporting three projects in the area that demonstrate different operational models and partnerships.

The LEP is evaluating each of these to understand what lessons can be learned from the pilot and how best we can support such projects and breathe life into our town centres in the future.

The pilot programme relates to the priority of making Town Centres fit for a new future.

The LEP's Recovery and Renewal Action Plan  - Revive and Renew - highlighted that one of the impacts of Covid19 and lockdown was to accelerate the difficulties of some high streets and town centres in our area and that the successful recovery of town centres is likely to depend on renewal and restructuring.

The renewal of town centres aligns well with other aims of the recovery plan such as encouraging commuters to “stay local” for work and introducing lower carbon and active modes of transport.

The opportunity for a new market in co-working spaces was identified as a one means to achieve renewal. As employees work from their employers’ office less frequently, but as the downsides of working from home such as poor technology and lack of human interaction creep in, there is an opportunity for local office space. These would allow people to work from an office near to where they live, and so reduce commuting whilst providing the flexibility and interaction that employees are looking for.

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