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EM3’s economic recovery plan is “thrilling” and “full of optimism“ say business leaders

Last updated 08 December 2020
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Revive and Renew Consultation

Business leaders have backed Enteprise M3 LEP  plans to support the region’s economic recovery through transformed  digital connectivity, a focus on youth employment and re -skilling and sustained growth in low carbon industries.

A diverse range of business leaders joined a consultation workshop recently for a consultation on Revive and Renew, Enterprise M3’s Recovery and Renewal Action Plan.

They had the opportunity to learn about the Revive and Renew Plan and share their ideas into how the LEP can deliver a step-change in digital connectivity, put a focus on skills to get people into good jobs, support new Covid-secure town centres and drive growth in the low-carbon economy. The Action Plan ties in evidence gathered from the Local Industrial Strategy along with new, refreshed analysis of evidence drawn together in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Attendee, Lynne Copp Managing Director of the Worklife Company said:

“Again EM3 is at the heart of Business in our Region. The Revive and Renew consultation has to be one of the best things that I have attended in recent times, and not only provided a platform for critical review of the current challenges, but also provided great thought leadership, innovation and a beacon of hope for all of us who are striving to renew and grow. 

Sue Littlemore, Head of Policy, & Strategy, said:

“Our evidence-based action plan is designed to address the challenges of economic recovery, and highlight promising opportunities for transformation and renewal in many aspects of the area’s economy.

Successful implementation depends on listening to and engaging businesses in the way forward. It was terrific that such a wide range of business leaders were so willing to invest time and valuable expertise to help drive the recovery plan forward.”

Paul Cole, Co-founder of PowerQuad who also contributed said:

“The Revive and Renew consultation was full of optimism, but not without its full understanding of the bad things that have happened due to the pandemic in the markets, and the wider communities locally.

Much like powerQuad all those involved are driven to create firm foundations for growth, with building back better and Net Zero at the very centre.

I myself over the course of the year found that a lot of business and community leaders struggling to understand how to achieve this, but to see the LEP board with the knowledge to achieve it, and listen and act on ways to accelerate this was relaxing and comforting.

The LEP is there is answer the difficult questions and to drive clean growth. It’s thrilling to see this taking shape for 2021 and beyond.”

Revive and Renew is available, along with a short Executive Summary and all the evidence on which it is based, on the Enterprise M3 website.



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