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Whitehill & Bordon Sustainable Transport Package

Last updated 06 September 2019
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Whitehill & Bordon STP

Project description

The package consists of the provision of a network of pedestrian and cycle routes that provides a continuous loop around the town linking major employment areas and the town centre to existing and proposed residential areas.

The green loop and the green grid are a key part of the vision for Whitehill and Bordon and are essential infrastructure items which will connect the new and existing communities by promoting walking and cycling and reducing car journeys. Connections to neighbouring areas of Whitehill & Bordon will ensure that the town is part of the strategic network and links are available to nearby train stations.

One element of the package has already been delivered with the completion of a cycle/pedestrian route to the south of Whitehill and Bordon running adjacent of the A325 which links to the existing Shipwrights Way long-distance route, along with the village of Greatham and the train station in Liss enabling connectivity to employment centres. Whilst Shipwrights Way element has been completed, the rest of this project is still being developed. These should start in October 2018 and conclude the summer 2019.

Project output

The package supports the regeneration of the town and complements the provision of the Whitehill and Borden Relief Road in unlocking the development sites and support the wider regeneration:

  • Delivery of 3,350 new homes, including provision of affordable housing.
  • Approximately 63,000m2 of new employment, commercial and community floor space contributing to the redevelopment of Whitehill and Bordon into a thriving new Green Town.
  • Transformation of the area into a more attractive investment proposition for businesses, supported by a more reliable local transport network and more welcoming town centre environment.
  • Creation of up to 5,500 jobs in total, replacing the approximately 1,500 jobs lost from the Army relocation, plus additional jobs to serve the new development.

Key Outputs

Start date:

End date:

Amount financed: £3.4 million

Total cost: £3.66 million

Status: Coming soon

Project Lead: Kevin Travers

Partner: East Hampshire District Council

Themes: Places


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