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From 1 April 2024, the responsibility for LEP functions across the Enterprise M3 LEP region has transferred to Hampshire County Council and Surrey County Council.

The Enterprise M3 Board met for the last time in March 2024 and Enterprise M3 LEP is no longer operating as an organisation.

For any enquiries relating to economic development across the counties of Hampshire and Surrey, please visit the Hampshire County Council website and Business Surrey respectively.

Please note that Enterprise M3 LEP staff have transferred to Hampshire County Council to continue to deliver services and activities in Hampshire, including the Growth Hub, the Careers Hub, work on key business sectors, and trade and investment.  
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Weyside Urban Village

Last updated 05 August 2019
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Project description

The Slyfield Area Regeneration Project is a major redevelopment of the Slyfield area of Guildford which has been designated as a Housing Zone. The project has been in the pipeline for the last ten years but has not previously reached the development stage due to development constraints caused by land contamination. The scheme follows on from the Clay Lane Link Road, funded by the LEP, which is an essential prerequisite to enable the whole site to be unlocked. The project will directly address land remediation costs, unlocking the site for future residential and commercial development and enabling Slyfield to become a viable proposition for private sector investment. The project also includes the relocation of the ageing sewage treatment works to the 1970s land fill, relocation of the Guildford Operational Services Depot to the old landfill site, and the Surrey Council Waste Transfer Station, as well as the building of two new industrial units.

Project output

The redevelopment of this site will support Guildford Borough Council in its ambition to deliver 13,860 new homes during the plan period (2013-2033) by enabling land to be brought forward for 1,100 new homes. Housing affordability is a key issue across the Enterprise M3 LEP area, particularly in Guildford, so 35% of the new houses provided at Slyfield will be affordable. In addition a total of 6,500 sqm commercial space will be provided. 1087 jobs will be created and 41 hectares of former industrial land remediated. The Guildford Housing Zone offers the opportunity to release £90 million HCA funding through a Public Works Land Board allocation. Due to the increased provision of local housing, the project also has the potential to reduce traffic from in-commuting and to ease recruitment difficulties. Additional employment floorspace will also help alleviate constraints on local expansions.

Key Outputs

Start date:

End date:

Amount financed: £7.5m

Total cost: £99.65m

Status: Coming soon

Project Lead: Kevin Travers

Partner: Guildford Borough Council

Themes: Places


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