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Energy for Life Marwell

Last updated 06 September 2019
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Energy for Life Marwell

Project description

Enterprise M3 has invested £1.5 million in the Energy for Life project at Marwell Wildlife. The £7.8 million capital project comprises a low carbon energy and waste management centre, as well as, a tropical house visitor attraction with public engagement space. The project is designed to bring low carbon, rural and tourism economy benefits, with STEM skills and partnership opportunities. Specifically, this investment will:

  • Reduce zoo animal waste being processed on site, removing the need for waste collection and reducing circa 152 local lorry journeys;
  • Help support the generation of low carbon energy leading to a reduction in Marwell’s carbon footprint of circa 15,000 tonnes by approximately 16%;
  • Support a 6% increase in visitors to Marwell by 2018 and an associated uplift in Marwell’s contribution to the local economy of £16.9m from £51.6m (2014) to £68.5m after the opening of Energy for Life;
  • 16.5 new direct FTE jobs created to operate the tropical house, the waste and energy generation plant, and ancillary services.

Project output

  • 17 FTE new jobs
  • 72 indirect jobs
  • 8 apprenticeships
  • 1,280 sqm floorspace

Key Outputs

Start date:

End date:

Amount financed: £1.5 million

Total cost: £7.8 million

Status: Completed

Themes: Enterprise


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