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A30/A331 Meadows Gyratory - Camberley

Last updated 06 September 2019
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Meadows Gyratory Camberley

Project description

High levels of congestion on this strategic highway network leads to significant and regular queuing on the A30, A331 and A321 approaches. Improvements to the Meadows Gyratory aim to reduce delays and reduce congestion on this busy gyratory. The scheme proposals address these constraints and capacity issues, improving access to Camberley town centre for all modes of transport. The Meadows is a major gyratory providing connectivity between the M3 with the A30 and a key access route into Camberley town centre.

The improvements are an important component to ensure the future well-being of Camberley and resilience on the A30. The improved Meadows Gyratory will reduce travel time across the junction and reduce circulating traffic. The improvements include the provision of new and improved signal crossings and traffic islands to protect pedestrians and cyclists. The main components of the scheme are to:

  • Introduce of a right turn movement from the A30 east into the A331 south bypassing the need for traffic to circulate around the gyratory.
  • Provide an additional 3rd lane on the northbound exit into the A331.
  • Extend the 3 lane approach to the gyratory from the A331 south to improve stacking capacity at the junction.
  • Improve the turning radius at the junction to improve road safety.
  • Re position the traffic signal lanterns to improve visibility for motorists.
  • Improve the provision for weaving across all sections of the gyratory.
  • Re-mark existing white lining around the roundabout, in order to make lane allocation clear and help direct vehicles into their intended lanes.
  • Improve the operations of the traffic signals though the use of real time dynamic traffic control (UTC) with new signal controllers and signal heads.
  • Re-validate the SCOOT controller and provide enhanced UTMC infrastructure.
  • Introduce pedestrian/cyclists phase at the signals to ensure safe and protected passage through the junction.
  • Provide wider traffic islands & waiting area to improve the safety of pedestrians/cyclists crossings.
  • Improve the width of pedestrian crossings to enable pedestrians and cyclists to cross simultaneously.

Project output

The Meadows Gyratory improvements in Camberley are expected to have a positive impact on economic activity resulting from improved accessibility which will make the area more attractive for businesses to invest and help improve the attractiveness of retail and leisure in the area. It is estimated that the scheme could help enable in the order of 500 FTE jobs by helping to fill Camberley’s vacant employment space and also contribute to securing around 200 FTE in the London Road Revitalisation Area. In addition, approximately 1,000 transport and storage jobs in the area could be safeguarded as a result of the scheme. The scheme will have positive impacts by:

  • Improving the attractiveness of vacant employment space in the vicinity of the Meadows Gyratory.
  • Improving accessibility to Camberley town centre for business traffic, commuter and leisure travellers and reducing travel times for business users and commuters through the Gyratory.
  • Improve access to new proposed housing site and help bring forward these developments. Potential gross and net GVA impacts of the scheme have been calculated based on the estimated FTE jobs in Section D6. These have been calculated at approximately £101.3 million and £29.1million respectively

Key Outputs

Start date:

End date:

Amount financed: £3.1125 million

Total cost: £4.15 million

Status: In progress

Project Lead: Kevin Travers

Partner: Surrey County Council

Themes: Places


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