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Ross McNally

Ross McNally

Executive Chair of Hampshire Chamber of Commerce

Ross McNally is Executive Chair of Hampshire Chamber of Commerce. He has over 30 years’ Board and leadership experience in business membership organisations and a range of service sectors. He leads the Hampshire Chamber of Commerce Board in its focus on strategy, governance and external relations.Ross has been CEO of the network of Chambers of Commerce in the south east of England and prior to this headed up a national building and crafts trade association. His experience of managing networks extends to leading a students’ union in Higher Education and establishing franchising systems and affinity groups for national businesses in the leisure and tourism sectors.Ross brings insight to the Enterprise M3 Board through his understanding of organisational management, business representation, stakeholder engagement and strategic planning. Having been responsible for developing a number of innovative service offerings in both the business and membership fields Ross provides a strategic focus on service development.Ross is educated in management and leadership and has developed key skills in business leadership, transformation and communications. 

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