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Business leaders from across the EM3 region come together to explore how to grow their organisations

Last updated 25 October 2023
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Business leaders in Growth Hub session

On 17 October Global Motivational and Leadership Trainer, Steve Jones, joined us for an insightful session designed to help business owners dramatically grow their businesses.

More than twenty leaders attended this free Enterprise M3 Growth Hub event, exploring key ideas and concepts that Steve has developed to make businesses more profitable, whilst helping them to manage their time and organisations more effectively.

Steve is an expert at creating ideas and strategies that build businesses, drive revenue and improve business position & performance and attendees were also provided with copies of Steve’s book, Turning on Your PROFITS Tap: The 7 Secrets to Generating Revenue in your Business.

Commenting on the event, participant Mike Case, Owner and Director of Red Top Resources, said:

“This event and the insights shared have given me a kick in the right direction, and this has been a fantastic opportunity to stop and think more strategically about my business and what the future looks like.”

This event was the first in a series of events and workshops hosted by the Enterprise M3 Growth Hub over the coming months to help businesses in our region thrive. Steve Jones will be joining us for an additional session, exploring how to become a great leader and an employer of choice on 7 November and places are still available for this, as well as a session focused on funding and finance taking place later this month.  

Steve Jones, Global Motivational and Leadership Trainer said:

“Business leaders are often so focused on the day to day that they do not take enough time to focus on the strategical development of their business. The idea of a session like this is to give them that time, to stop and have those ‘ah ha’ moments that will allow them to grow both professional and as a business.”

Andy Swift, Senior Growth Hub Champion at Enterprise M3 and one of the key people driving the events programme said:

“As well as giving business leaders the time and ideas to think about their future strategies, this event series is also giving them the opportunity to network with each other – another crucial element of business development and growth.”





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