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Fleet Pond Corridor

Last updated 05 May 2020
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Project description

Provision of a regenerated sustainable green corridor, directly linking the high technology site of Cody Technology Park, along with Farnborough Airport, and the wider Farnborough area with Fleet Rail station, via the new development of Hartland Village consisting of 1500 new homes, complemented by 2,655m2 commercial and retail, and primary education facilities.

The scheme consists of the following elements:

  • Shared pedestrian and cycle route widening between Fleet Pond car park and Fleet rail station
  • Enhanced car parking facilities at the pond including the provision of a electric vehicle charging spaces and improved access roads between the car park and A3013 Cove Road
  • Provision of crossing point on the A3013 Cove Road as part of a long distance cycle link between Fleet and Eversley, Yateley a, Blackwater and beyond
  • Enhanced cycling infrastructure facilities at Fleet rail station which includes increasing the 250 additional cycle spaces upgrading the cycling compound to a new cycle hub and improving access from Fleet pond to the station cycle spaces

Project output

There will be 4 dedicated FTE with associated training and opportunities for apprenticeships in construction during construction phases.  Working alongside the National Trust, the scheme would create opportunities to upskill staff and volunteers

The scheme also supports housing growth in Farnborough through congestion and journey time improvements and proportionally unlock 838 housing units

Key Outputs

Start date:

End date:

Amount financed: £1.4mil

Total cost: £4.3mil

Status: In progress

Partner: Hart District Council

Themes: Places


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