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5G Living Lab

Last updated 29 November 2021
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5G network diagram

Project description

The 5G Living Lab project will see the installation of new IT and telecomms infrastructure on Basing View, Basingstoke.

This will create a new network around the urban business park allowing businesses to access 5G capability and enable them to develop, trial and being new products to the marketplace.

Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council are partnering with Cellnex UK for delivery of the new network.

Project aim

To provide new technology infrastructure that will enable greater understanding and exploitation of this new level of IT network capability.

Project output

The creation of a new network within a business environment.

Support for businesses to understand and utilise this IT capability.

Key Outputs

Start date:

End date:

Amount financed: £1.9 million

Total cost: £3.8 million

Status: In progress

Project Lead: Fiona McMurray

Partner: Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council

Themes: AI & Digital


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