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Last updated 23 June 2023
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The Enterprise M3 LEP area is home to several high tech, high value business sectors including 5G and digital, aerospace and defence, satellite technology, createch including gaming, med tech and digital health.

EM3 LEP helps nurture an entrepreneurial ecosystem which supports these sectors to achieve high growth and enhanced productivity. Our support includes investments in R & D facilities , business support arrangements and skills provision . We also help reduce barriers to productivity such as inefficient transport links and constrained supply of affordable housing.

Enterprise is a major theme of our emerging Local Industrial Strategy and you can find some of our latest research here with more available in the documents section at the bottom of this page.

Our area has 1,200 scale-ups, the highest number of high performing businesses in the UK, outside of London.

The Enterprise M3 Growth Hub offers expert advice to thousands of businesses each year and has a specific focus on high growth, high tech SMEs.

The Enterprise M3 multi-site Enterprise Zone also supports the growth of high value businesses and jobs, and offers premium commercial space .

Entrepreneurial, the region has 4.5 businesses per 100 residents, 21% higher than the national average.

New companies with bright ideas and big ambitions are also benefiting from the £10m EM3 Funding Escalator, a creative and innovative way of supporting high potential businesses of the future but who are presently considered too risky by commercial lenders.
We also support the growth of high value businesses and jobs, and premium commercial space, through our multi-site Enterprise Zone. Find out more about these locations in the Related content section.

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