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Race to Net Zero

Clean Growth sits at the heart of our approach for the region

Last updated 26 July 2022
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Clean Growth

Our vision at Enterprise M3 LEP is for our region to become a leader in sustainable energy, and  decarbonised, clean economic growth.

Clean Growth is a major theme of our emerging Local Industrial Strategy and you can find our latest research here and in the documents section at the bottom of this page.

We have partnered with neighbouring  LEPs – Coast to Capital and the South East LEP - to create an Energy Strategy for our area . The South2East Energy Strategy, developed with Siemens, sets out plans to leverage £14.7bn of investment in commercial  ventures to reduce carbon emissions solutions equivalent to removing 5 million cars from our roads.

Clean growth will be accelerated under this strategy which prioritises five themes for action: low carbon heating; renewable energy generation; energy saving and efficiency; smart energy systems; and transport. 

Combining innovation with pragmatism in our New Mobility Strategy to deliver against our Clean Growth ambitions with tactics which include:

  • How 5G diagnostic equipment could be used at home rather than the user traveling to a hospital which would create a transport solution as well as improve care
  • Using technology to predict congestion in order to tackle the Guildford transport network unreliability
  • Installing more electric car points at petrol stations, shopping centres and supermarket car parks, as well as large business car parks.
  • Advancing a Greater South East Energy Hub for delivery of new energy infrastructure. The ambition is to build sustainable energy generation, storage and distribution systems.

From 1 April 2024, the responsibility for LEP functions across the Enterprise M3 LEP region has transferred to Hampshire County Council and Surrey County Council.

The Enterprise M3 Board met for the last time in March 2024 and Enterprise M3 LEP is no longer operating as an organisation.

For any enquiries relating to economic development across the counties of Hampshire and Surrey, please visit the Hampshire County Council website and Business Surrey respectively.

Please note that Enterprise M3 LEP staff have transferred to Hampshire County Council to continue to deliver services and activities in Hampshire, including the Growth Hub, the Careers Hub, work on key business sectors, and trade and investment.  
They can be contacted at

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