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Growing your business: solving the productivity puzzle

Last updated 23 January 2024
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Growing your business: solving the productivity puzzle

Join us on 30th January-between noon and 1pm- to unlock the pathway to operational excellence and turbocharge productivity in your organization!

Join our enlightening 1-hour webinar where we delve deep into the realms of lean manufacturing and automation, not just on the shop floor but also in office settings. Discover how AI-driven tools, including ChatGPT, can supercharge your workflows. Learn the art of streamlining processes, reducing waste, and achieving peak efficiency.

Our speaker, Colm Watling, will draw on experiences from military logistics and automotive manufacturing, blended with business school content from government sponsored schemes, and will impart invaluable insights and practical tips to transform your operations. Embrace lean principles derived from fast paced high precision industry and harness the power of automation to drive productivity to new heights. Explore how AI-driven tools can seamlessly integrate into your business landscape, enhancing decision-making and expediting tasks.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to revolutionize your business. Reserve your spot now, and let's pave the way to a future of operational excellence and unrivalled productivity together! Join us for an hour of enlightening discussion that may just shape the future of your enterprise.

Click onto the YouTube image and listen to a message from Colm and then scroll down to sign-up for the webinar.

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From 1 April 2024, the responsibility for LEP functions across the Enterprise M3 LEP region has transferred to Hampshire County Council and Surrey County Council.

The Enterprise M3 Board met for the last time in March 2024 and Enterprise M3 LEP is no longer operating as an organisation.

For any enquiries relating to economic development across the counties of Hampshire and Surrey, please visit the Hampshire County Council website and Business Surrey respectively.

Please note that Enterprise M3 LEP staff have transferred to Hampshire County Council to continue to deliver services and activities in Hampshire, including the Growth Hub, the Careers Hub, work on key business sectors, and trade and investment.  
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