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Fit For The Future: a one day conference on the ageing population

Last updated 09 February 2020
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Fit For The Future explores the challenges and opportunities that are arising from the globally ageing population in a business context.

This one day event takes place on 31 March, 2020 from 9.15am - 3.45pm at the Axis Conference Centre, 2 Venture Rd, Southampton SO16 7NP. Book your place here.

It encourages those working in the innovation sector to prioritise and embrace demographic change to bolster future competitiveness and resilience in a fast-changing global marketplace. It also asks product suppliers and service providers across all sectors to open their eyes to the potential power of collaborating with the tech sector to fuel future success.

Delegates will leave with a detailed understanding of the societal and commercial impacts of the significant demographic shifts that are taking place both here in the UK and globally. They will hear from experts across four key focus areas: the workplace, home life, health and social care and communities, before learning of the opportunities that exist right now to be a business that is ‘fit for the future’.

This full day event comprises a keynote speaker, industry case study presentations, panel Q&A session, networking and demonstrations. Click here for more information.

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