Enterprise M3 Funding Escalator

Enterprise M3 has committed £10 million of capital to create a new funding escalator comprising a loan scheme and an equity fund managed by The FSE (Finance South East) Group. If you are an ambitious SME based within the Enterprise M3 geographic area with the potential to deliver high growth and employment opportunities, you may be eligible to apply.

The Funding Escalator is split as follows:

  • Expansion Loan Scheme providing up to £300,000 to established SMEs requiring finance to implement expansion activities that will deliver substantial growth;
  • Trade Finance Loan Scheme providing £50,00 to £300,000 loan funding to SME's with a short term trade funding requirement; and ,
  • Growth Fund providing up to £175,000 as an equity investment which must be matched with an equal amount of private investment. 

For more information on these funds and to apply, please visit The FSE Group's website.