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Overcoming digital challenges on the frontline and beyond

Last updated 10 September 2020
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Farnborough based sovereign company TriCIS, established in October 2016 by Co-Founders Antony Summerfield (CEO) Tim Luxford (Special Projects Director) and Robert Cook (technical Director), encompasses a Management team with in excess of 30 years’ experience delivering end-to-end, high security and exceptional quality solutions for complete systems integration to MoD, Government and NATO.

TriCIS incorporates UK CFTCS, MILITARY Standards, HMG security requirements and NATO TEMPEST standards.

Challenges which face the Defence and Government Agencies and how TriCIS provide solutions

The MOD, Government and NATO rely heavily on assured information. It is vital that information and the systems used to manage and process the data are as effective as possible. Currently, in order to deliver improvements at speed and scale them, the MOD, Government and NATO agencies must manage their data far more effectively than they do today.

New and emerging technologies can provide better capabilities to operations and supporting functions and this is where businesses such as TriCIS step in.

TriCIS through innovation is on a mission to help their clients increase the value of their data and give them the ability to use it effectively to improve the decisions they make. Improving efficiency and productivity will enable their customers processes to run smoother and faster no matter where they are in the world.

One example of this, is where TriCIS, working alongside counterparts within the US and Tier 1 partners, Dell, was faced with the dilemma of how to reduce hardware, whilst having readily available all of the software required to securely and successfully fulfil operations. To put this into perspective, imagine being on the front line of a war zone, carrying double of each piece of hardware and communication equipment which you need at that time, to access information on different systems. TriCIS listened to the problem, secured a solution and are currently taking that solution through UK accreditation.

All the time the systems remain: Secure. Integrated. Encrypted.

Seeing Into the future with The FSE Group

Although originally established as an Engineering Business, Antony always had his sights set on expansion to cover the most pressing needs of the industry and more importantly the end users who require access to information wherever they are in the world.

Three years on, TriCIS has increased its portfolio of services which include PCoIP technology, advanced encryption software capabilities and electromagnetic protection.

TriCIS take the time to listen to the needs of their clients. They have the expertise and capability within the fields which they operate, to be able to offer a quick turnaround, with smaller batch quantities by liaising with their tier 1 affiliates. This affords them the ability to respond quickly and provide the solutions required for their clients. It was a pleasure to work with Antony, Tim and Robert and to be able to invest in the business, see them appoint a CFO whilst strengthening their product offering. As technology continues to evolve, I wish them all every success for the 21st century and beyond.

Ralph Singleton
The FSE Group, who managed the investment in TriCIS from the Enterprise M3 Growth Fund

TriCIS aims to support the security, independence, and interests of Governments, Armed Forces and Allied partners. At TriCIS we are passionate about our end users. Always striving for innovation and engineering excellence which underpins our ethos of putting the customer at the heart of what we do. As part of the SME community, we have worked tirelessly throughout the current COVID-19 pandemic, providing much needed capability to our Defence and Government Clients. This achievement was rewarded at The UK Enterprise Awards 2020, on behalf of SME News, quarterly digital publication who bestowed TriCIS with 2 awards: “Best Military Grade Computing & Network Company” and ICT & Peripheral Equipment Innovation Excellence Award.” We look forward to continue being innovative and passionate about what we do in the future.

Ann-Marie Warner-Read
Defence Director at TriCIS

The Enterprise M3 Funding Escalator II is £10million initiative funded by Enterprise M3 Local Enterprise Partnership. The escalator, which includes an expansion loan scheme, a trade finance loan scheme and an equity growth fund, provides eligible companies with loans and equity funding between £50,000 and £300,000 for activities that will deliver high-growth and employment opportunities across the EM3 ar-ea.

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