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Could you be EM3's next Director of Operations?

Last updated 10 September 2020
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Enterprise M3 Local Enterprise Partnership is seeking an innovative leader, with strong project management, partnership working, negotiation and organisation skills to be its next Director of Operations.

Part of the senior leadership team, the successful candidate will help shape projects that range from supporting businesses to innovate and export overseas, linking employers to the skills agenda, and helping young people choose the right career, to supporting large scale infrastructure schemes that help unlock developments and digital connectivity.  They will be play a key role in the LEP's work ensuring that our economy – covering most of Hampshire and Surrey – continues to grow both here and internationally during a period of considerable change. 

In simple terms this role really is the engine of the organisation, and its responsibilities could also be described as those of a COO. A member of the leadership team, the new Director of Operations will lead on all Board governance as well as our assurance framework, and Finance and HR report into the role.

But there is an important set of additional responsibilities related to the very strong set of partner relationships, both private and public, that we have in place – which we see as absolutely fundamental to our continuing effectiveness. The post will play particular attention to maintaining and deepening the very positive level of mutual liaison with local authorities across the area. Our record of working in partnership and getting things done has created an invaluable reservoir of goodwill and credibility – you’ll ensure that this remains at the core of what we do.

Programme management, monitoring and reporting on the numerous complex projects funded entirely or in part by EM3 is another key area of responsibility. We are currently managing £250 million of funding, and this year alone another £47m has come over the door. So our emphasis on high-level project management and an understanding of risk is understandable. Our high-performing and stimulating board will expect to continue receiving insightful, expert advice from the new Director of Operations. It consists of representatives from both the commercial and public sectors, including political leaders, and you should expect to receive challenge and scrutiny – particularly with regard to value for money.

The perspective on the whole activity of the LEP and its partners is really exciting – you’ll have a really holistic grasp of what we’re doing, both individual projects and the wider ecosystem of public and private investment across the region. There’s no doubt that the high level of exposure to strategy, operations and relationship management makes this a distinctive career development opportunity – ambitious candidates will find everything they need in this role, and probably more than they expect.

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