Whitehill & Bordon - a new economic town

Whitehill & Bordon is being transformed into a new economic town and Enterprise M3 is at the heart of it’s transformation with £28.7m investment in an Innovation Centre, a Skills Centre, the Inner Relief Road, the Sustainable Transport Package and Enterprise Zone site.


BASE Innovation Centre a new, energetic and inspirational workspace which brings together innovators, entrepreneurs and collaborators in a growing and buzzing business community. With 31 offices, run by Oxford Innovation, this gives BASE businesses a unique offer of an on-site business support team to help make a significant difference to business success. Before the centre was officially opened, it was already 25% full, much higher than expected. The success of BASE will be a springboard for the wider business community and the offer of TechForest.


TechForest is part of EZ3, our Enterprise Zone, and is a business environment for hi-tech and industrial businesses in a green setting, connected to the low carbon economy. The site will provide cutting edge, dynamic and agile working space from office and light industrial space to larger serviced plots, from 700 to 1,500sqm, with potential for ready built office space from late 2018.


The Whitehill & Bordon Future Skills Centre is building new careers to underpin the skills needs of the town’s redevelopment. The focus is on training for the construction sector with 75 new apprenticeships, full and part time students already taking courses at the centre in carpentry, brickwork, plumbing and the built environment. The centre is the new local hub for technical training and will host a broad adult and community learning programme for the wider community.


Interlinking these key economic projects is our investment into transport packages. The Whitehill & Bordon’s inner relief road allows movement in the town and is essential to keep the economic prospects flowing. We are investing in the development of a package of sustainable transport which will be a network of attractive paths for pedestrians and cyclists to connect to the town’s main facilities with homes and green spaces.


Our investments are part of the major development of Whitehill & Bordon which are helping to unlock 3,350 homes, 5,500 new jobs, a new town centre, schools and recreational facilities, including one of the country’s largest public open spaces.

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