Facilitating Connectivity - digital revolution in transport

We brought together industry experts, more than 100 business and public sector leaders to discuss mobility and connectivity in the Enterprise M3 area and to consider the future. Our ‘Facilitating Connectivity’ conference explored smart mobility programmes that place the UK among the top four countries globally for implementing smart cities. We highlighted the digital revolution in transport and considered the potential for connected and autonomous vehicles.


In the future we may view transport much more as a commodity we purchase and a series of choices as we access a range of vehicle types and journey experiences. It was suggested that in the future the private car may not be perceived as such a popular choice for getting from A to B.


For today’s travellers, Enterprise M3 continues to focus investment on what is needed now. We have already invested in Wi-Fi on buses and at train stations helping employees and businesses be more productive whilst travelling the area. The demonstration of UK’s first 5G-enabled autonomous vehicle was held within the Enterprise M3 area, powered by our investment in the 5G Innovation Centre.


We are working with partners to help them invest in connecting transport to the digital age, including our new smart motorway and our refresh of our Strategic Economic Plan places a strong emphasis on a broad definition of infrastructure and emphasises the importance of investing in broadband, mobile connectivity and smart mobility, electric changing points as well as more traditional transport infrastructure.


We are driving forward connected & autonomous vehicles, ultra-low emission vehicle technologies and smart mobility services – together Enterprise M3 is ready to revolutionise our journeys and reduce carbon emissions for a healthy, mobile economy.

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