Strategy For Growth

Enterprise M3 has published its Strategy for Growth. This Strategy builds on our draft strategy produced in December 2012, and reflects the consultation which has been undertaken with a wide range of partners, including many of the businesses in our area.

The Strategy for Growth sets out our strategy and action plan for driving prosperity in the Enterprise M3 area. The central objective of the Strategy is the growth of business but it is supported by investments in enterprise support, innovation capacity, skills development, infrastructure and place. The Strategy is a “living” document and will continue to develop over the coming months as we further define actions, identify and develop delivery mechanisms and negotiate funding.  

How can you get involved in delivering the Strategy for Growth?

Enterprise M3 is an enabling body – its role is to influence, lobby, assemble and lead on the planning for growth. The delivery of this growth, and the actions within the Strategy for Growth, will be done through our partners – businesses, public sector and not-for-profit organisations who are committed to maintaining and growing the area’s position as the best performing economy in the country. If you would like to comment on the Strategy for Growth, or get involved in delivering the actions, contact us on