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Wood Processing Grant Programme

Last updated 06 September 2019
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Wood Processing Grant Programme

Project description

The Enterprise M3 Wood Fuel Hub project will support the creation and expansion of a network of up to 20 wood fuel and timber processing hubs. These hubs will utilise timber from currently under managed woodlands in the Enterprise M3 area, and arboricultural and horticultural arisings which currently go to landfill. Products from the hubs will include biomass fuels (chip, logs) and timber for use in construction. Both offer opportunities for low carbon solutions for existing and future needs, providing alternatives to energy intensive products. Investments will be made through a number of projects which will be identified and grant aid provided through a competitive delegated grant programme. Hubs will vary in size from small local units to fully integrated sites servicing regional markets. The project will cover the entire Enterprise M3 area, however the focus of the support will be on locations which are off mains gas, close to significant clusters of under managed woodland and within proximity of new settlements (including Growth and Step-Up Towns) where district heating schemes represent low carbon options for developers.

Project output

  • Additional 50,000 m3 into woodfuel markets
  • Number of new jobs
  • 158 (55 direct, 103 indirect)
  • Number of safeguarded jobs 28
  • Number of new business starts 2 (estimate) £3m secured from private investment
  • Delivers 3 ‘macro’ hubs and a mixture of up to 17 ‘mini’ and ‘micro’ hubs.

Key Outputs

Start date:

End date:

Amount financed: £2 million

Total cost: £5 million

Status: Completed

Project Lead: Chris Quintana

Themes: Enterprise

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