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Growth Hub

Last updated 06 September 2019
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Growth Hub

Project description

Enterprise M3 Growth Hub has been developed by business for business. It is an expert advice and resource network which helps businesses achieve results quickly through a free personal, tailored service focused on Growth. To create sustainable impact and increase employment it is critical to support businesses to become more productive, profitable and grow over the longer term. Enterprise M3 Growth Hub supports businesses at any stage of their development. Businesses can access and benefit from the Growth Hub's services including the Information Bank, the Resource Network and the Helpline. Growth Hub’s ‘Universal Service’ delivers broad signposting through an Enterprise M3 National Business Support Helpline, a website, e-newsletter, and social media channels. This service guides any type of business either through the on-line services to access the information they need, or by speaking to someone about where they can access help in the Enterprise M3 area. The Growth Hub also offers a ‘Growth Service’ which provides intensive support targeted at businesses with the greatest potential to grow and scale-up. This service includes specialist advice and support from one of the Growth Hubs highly experienced sector focused Growth Champions. This support normally consists of up to two days free access to one-2-one coaching, mentoring and business support covering key specialisms and sectors.

Project output

  • 416 jobs
  • 500 new HIGP
  • Businesses engaged
  • 11,000 businesses securing information from the portal
  • 400 new Growth Plans

Key Outputs

Start date:

End date:

Amount financed: £0.6 million

Total cost: £0.6 million

Status: Completed

Themes: Enterprise


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