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Farnborough Growth Package (A325)

Last updated 06 September 2019
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Farnborough Growth Package

Project description

This package is still being developed but is likely to deliver capacity improvements at a number of congestion bottlenecks on key transport corridors that link Farnborough town centre and business/retail parks with the wider strategic network (including the M3 via Junction 4 and A331 via Bradfords roundabout/ Lynchford Road). The corridors being considered are:

  • A325 Farnborough Road (at the Pinehurst, Clockhouse, Ham & Blackbird and Bradfords roundabouts and at the A325/ Highgate Lane junction).
  • A327 (Elles Road/ Meudon Avenue at Sulzers Roundabout and A3011 Lynchford Road corridor. The package will deliver transport infrastructure capacity on the A325, A327 and A3011 corridors which together form the primary access routes to the main employment areas in the town. The works will reduce congestion and improve journey time reliability for traffic circulating on main north-south and west-east routes through Farnborough, thereby supporting new floorspace provision and job creation at key employment sites such as Farnborough Business Park, Farnborough Airport, Queens Gate, Cody Technology Park and Farnborough Aerospace Park.

Project output

It is estimated that the package would help indirectly support the creation of up to 4,845 jobs within the sites earmarked for new employment land use as part of the Rushmoor Local Plan within the Farnborough area (including 1,202 indirect jobs). It is calculated that these jobs could contribute a net £205.4 million GVA to the economy.

The package would also support the retention of 13,200 jobs, including 2,300 in the professional, scientific and technical sector and 1700 in the Information and Communication sector. The junction improvements will help improve the prospects of delivery of new floorspace at Farnborough Business Park. Planning approval has been given for 180,000 sq. ft. of new office space.

The package will indirectly help support the unlocking of 3,850 new dwellings up to 2029, through the Wellesley development on the northern part of Aldershot. It is estimated that 20% of the housing (i.e. 770 dwellings) in the Aldershot Urban Extension will be unlocked by the Farnborough Northern Corridor to Growth package of junction improvements.

Key Outputs

Start date:

End date:

Amount financed: £6.7 million

Total cost: £8.7 million

Status: Coming soon

Project Lead: Kevin Travers

Partner: Hampshire County Council

Themes: Places


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