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Brooklands College - Ashford Campus & Weybridge Refurbishment

Last updated 06 September 2019
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Brooklands College

Project description

Brooklands College worked in conjunction with Thomas Knyvett College to create a new Ashford campus with 2,340m2 of new build. The move of the Ashford campus to the new site released 5 acres of brownfield land for residential development within the town centre of Ashford. The new campus facilities to support ICT/digital, professional/business services, construction, hairdressing and beauty services and heath and childcare curriculum. The project also enabled the expansion of the Weybridge offer to include construction and to comprehensively upgrade the facilities to support development in strategically important areas as digital skills, professional services and construction. The project addresses the gap in priority skills sectors such as digital/ICT and higher level apprenticeships. The project has the added benefit of releasing land for housing development and will impact positively on the Step-up town of Staines-upon-Thames, and the collaborative model with a school, as a shared campus, will add value to the community.

Project output

  • 80 apprenticeships
  • 30 higher apprenticeships

Key Outputs

Start date:

End date:

Amount financed: £3.2 million

Total cost: £9.6 million

Status: Completed

Project Lead: Jeannie Satchell

Themes: Skills


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