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Help shape the future of Heathrow Airport

Regeneris Consulting has been appointed by five partnership organisations around Heathrow (Enterprise M3 Local Enterprise Partnership, Buckinghamshire Thames Valley Local Enterprise Partnership, Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership, Thames Valley Berkshire Local Enterprise Partnership and West London Business) to conduct a study looking into the economic implications of future development scenarios for Heathrow Airport.

The study will be looking at the three main options: a new hub airport to the east or north-east of London, with the closure of Heathrow; an expanded Heathrow; and a “do-nothing” option.

To help inform the work, Regeneris is carrying out a business survey. Click here to go to the survey.

Closing date for the survey: 23 August.

Once completed, the study will be submitted to the Airports Commission chaired by Howard Davies to inform the debate on the UK’s aviation infrastructure needs.