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Enterprise M3 awards £3.175million to accelerate the regeneration of Aldershot

Enterprise M3, the Local Enterprise Partnership for the wider M3 corridor from the New Forest in the South West to Staines in the North East, has today announced that it is awarding £3.175m of funding from the Growing Enterprise Fund to Activation Aldershot, Rushmoor’s integration plan between Wellesley, the Aldershot Urban Extension, and the town. This funding will help Rushmoor Borough Council accelerate its plans to bring 3,850 new homes and at least 500 new jobs to the town. 

Following an evaluation process, the Enterprise M3 Board agreed to support Rushmoor Borough Council’s Activation Aldershot scheme aimed at giving a boost to wider developments in Aldershot, bringing forward planned enhancements by five years and improving people’s view of Aldershot as a place to live and work. 

The Aldershot Urban Extension, know as Wellesley, will allow Aldershot to expand for the first time in a century. Covering around 150 hectares to the north of the town centre, the new sustainable neighbourhood will include around 3,850 homes, two primary schools, green space and a local centre, to meet the needs of local people and encourage families to settle in the area. The development will bring in thousands of new people and act as a catalyst for the regeneration of Aldershot town centre, creating at least 500 new jobs and opportunities for the town.

The funding from the Growing Enterprise Fund will pay for a number of projects that will take place in sites in Aldershot town centre and between the town and Wellesley (Aldershot Urban Extension). The projects will be delivered by the council and key partners including Grainger plc and Hampshire County Council, and will improve the look and feel of the town, improve access and ensure strong links between the town centre and the new development. The projects include: 

  • Pedestrian and cycleway infrastructure improvements to Hospital Hill/Princes Way, Gun Hill/Station Road, Middle Hill/ Court Road and Louise Margaret/Ordnance Road/Victoria Road/Windsor Way.

  • Improvements to street quality/environment (paving, street furniture, lighting and signage) within the main town centre and links to the Wellesley development

  • Improvements to Aldershot Train Station

 The awarding of this funding is subject to a thorough due diligence process that will be undertaken independently before the funds are released. This due diligence process includes a thorough review of the deliverability of the project in addition to a review of the value for money achieved by the project.

 Geoff French, Chair of the Enterprise M3 Board, said: “Activation Aldershot is a very exciting project that Enterprise M3 is delighted to be associated with. The improvement works that we are funding will help make Aldershot a more attractive town to live and work in, thus accelerating the regeneration and revitalisation of Aldershot and its town centre.

 “A great deal of work is already being done in Aldershot and the Aldershot Urban Extension to build new homes and bring new jobs to the area and Enterprise M3 is very proud to be able to be able to fund improvements that will help bring these homes and jobs on stream five years earlier than originally planned.”

Councillor Peter Moyle, leader of Rushmoor Borough Council, said: “The Aldershot Urban Extension represents an exciting opportunity to expand and develop the town, and we are working hard to ensure it brings lasting benefits to the whole of Aldershot. I am delighted that Enterprise M3 has supported the Activation Aldershot bid – the three projects will make a huge difference to the look and feel of the town, improve access into and throughout Aldershot and boost the town centre, giving families more reasons to consider living here. The funding provides thefoundations for a comprehensive programme of regeneration that will encourage new investment and drive growth for years to come.”