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Enterprise M3 region to harness our science strengths and innovation assets in Local Industrial Strategy

The Enterprise M3 region has excellent science strengths, innovation assets and growth in productivity which position it well for its economic future.
But given the important of digital sectors and satellite/space sector activities for growth, how can it improve its productivity even further?
This was a key question considered in a dedicated session at Enterprise M3’s AGM where Christine Doel, Director at SQW, addressed the audience with evidence from research and analysis on Science,
Innovation and Productivity in the EM3 area in a talk entitled: “Efficient or What? – Key Message from the evidence.” The session was intended to present some of the initial evidence gathered for the LEP's Local Industrial Strategy science and innovation theme.
Christine presented analysis which looked at the region’s ‘hotbeds of innovation’ and its excellence in private-sector led R&D activity as well as its record of scale-up businesses.
“We were looking at the key questions of how people, place, infrastructure, ideas and the business environment feed into the foundations of productivity,” she told the audience. 
“We considered gaps, why some sectors and areas are more productive than others, and this will be used to feed into the LIS.”
EM3 Board member Stacey King, who is overseeing the development of our Local Industrial Strategy,  said: “The headline I’ll take away from Christine is that ‘we are doing well: but there is more we could be doing’.  That is the challenge for our LIS which will be about collaboration, engagement and co-design. So please read our 'Developing the Strategy' document, get in touch and give us your thoughts.”
Anyone interested in helping EM3 to shape its LIS, please contact