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Opening of business applications for the new UK Investment Support Directory

UK businesses can now apply to be included on a list of businesses able to support overseas firms to set up or expand in the UK.

A refresh of the former UK Advisory Network, the UK Investment Support Directory will provide investors with a list of British businesses with experience helping overseas firms set up or expand their operations in the UK who are available and happy to offer help to companies looking to invest across the country.

Membership to the directory will be free and provides a great opportunity for businesses looking to further expand their network or increase their visibility to foreign investors across new international markets.

The directory will simplify the link between investors and experienced UK businesses and will ensure necessary support is easy to find when needed. It will also help promote the expertise of the UK’s service sector to investors across the globe.

Applications to join the new directory are open to business from Monday 19 November and will close on Monday 17 December. Businesses will find out if their application has been successful in early 2019 with the new directory expected to launch in the spring of 2019.

We hope the directory will help overseas businesses of all sizes find the most appropriate local support to encourage them to invest in the UK.

Complete the UK Investment Support Directory Application Form demonstrating you meet a transparent set of membership criteria relevant to your expertise facilitating investment into the UK (see section 3b of application).

Download your application from: