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More jobs secured in the EM3 area thanks to international investment

Last updated 28 July 2022
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Map of Enterprise M3 LEP area

Figures released show more than 1,000 jobs have either been created or secured in the Enterprise M3 Local Enterprise Partnership (EM3) area over the last financial year as a result of investment from foreign businesses.

A report, published by the Department for International Trade (DIT) highlights that out of 20 foreign direct investment (FDI) projects across the EM3 area, 399 new jobs were created while 653 were safeguarded in the year April 2021 to March 2022.

EM3 Chairman Michael Queen said: “It’s always very encouraging to welcome new businesses to the EM3 area and good to see that we continue to attract international investment, despite the current economic uncertainties.”

“This really demonstrates that our area is recognised around the world as having so much to offer and remains an attractive proposition, because of our location, excellent transport links and of course our skilled workforce, as well as other attributes such as our leading universities and research institutions.”

In addition, the EM3 Local Enterprise Partnership also played a role in securing investment from an additional five ‘multi-region’ projects where the investment was spread across a number of geographical areas of the UK.

Software and computer services, advanced engineering and supply chain, environment, infrastructure and transportation, along with creative and media sectors were all well represented across the foreign investments which benefited the EM3 area during the 12 months.

Michael added: “Our area’s reputation as a great place to invest was enhanced by a DIT brochure which featured our Animal MedTech and Games sectors. These have both been recognised by the government as High Potential Opportunities (HPOs). The brochure was shown to potential overseas investors and at our embassies around the world, which we are sure made a difference in raising awareness and opportunities in the EM3 area.”



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