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IT professionals choose Basingstoke as one of the top places to live and work

Last updated 28 November 2019
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Vibrant towns are at the heart of EM3’s Local Industrial Strategy and Basingstoke has just been named as one of Britain’s top 10 places – and the top-ranking town - for IT professionals to live and work.

Basingstoke came ninth on CompTIA’s UK Tech Town Index 2019 after cities such as Manchester, London and Birmingham and was the top town. It has 7,000 businesses including multinationals, a thriving start-up culture, nearby universities, relatively affordable housing prices, competitive salaries and is a technology hotbed.

EM3 Enterprise Coordinator Shirley Ducker, Basingstoke resident of 31 years, said the town’s growth had “been sensitively done”, with excellent transport links and green spaces that “hide much of the town”. There are many family-friendly facilities and attractions such as the Anvil and Haymarket Theatre.

“These are often-cited advantages but for opportunities for business the continually developing business parks are bringing all sizes of companies into the area,” she said. 

EM3 has invested £8m in Basing View Enterprise Zone, where its own HQ is based, to facilitate new business space and facilities.

Shirley works with schools to support young people in their future careers, and said:

Encouraging high tech businesses in the area attracts the best of employers and employees and provides aspiration to those entering the industry.  It is a positive to promote to the Careers Leaders, when discussing the many new roles continually being created in that industry.

Employers recognise that there is a severe shortage of digital and analytical skills across the region and as such are keen to promote Basingstoke as a great place to live and work.

Mark Hammond , manager of Basingstoke ITEC Ltd, digital apprenticeships provider

Basingstoke embraces over 7,000 businesses and a pool of highly skilled talent – particularly IT professionals. As EM3’s new Skills Strategy Manager, I am looking forward to connecting businesses with existing and new talent pipelines to help Basingstoke and other key EM3 towns prosper and grow.

Dr Jamie Mackay , Skills Strategy Manager

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