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Heathrow Expansion Consultation - LEP response

Last updated 20 September 2019
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Heathrow Airport

Enterprise M3 LEP has submitted its response to the second London Heathrow Airport Expansion Consultation.

We co-signed and therefore support both Heathrow Strategic Planning Group and Transport for the South East submissions, and believe “the consultation fails to provide the level of detail required to be able to adequately assess the impacts and the appropriateness of the mitigations proposed.” 

The statement from Enterprise M3 Chair, Dave Axam, reinforces how aviation and airport capacity supports the region’s economic growth and is a “gateway” to international markets.

We also have the largest number of foreign owned companies in the UK, outside of London, and nearly 10,000 residents work at Heathrow. With the proposed expansion, this could rise to 25,000 jobs.

Therefore, with respect to Heathrow expansion through our emerging Local Industrial Strategy we are looking at how we can:

• Support and capitalise on the economic opportunities provided for the Enterprise M3 Area through the enhanced role of Heathrow operating as Britain’s Global Gateway
• Exploit new technologies and innovation resulting from the expansion of
Heathrow Airport - across the whole Enterprise M3 Area
• Help identify appropriate and sustainable employment land use opportunities across the Enterprise M3 Area resulting from the expansion of Heathrow Airport
• Support the identification and delivery of the Skills Pipeline needed for Heathrow Airport, its partners and its local supply chains
• Ensure that the Enterprise M3 business community is aware of and has the ability to compete for and win business contracts associated with the airport and its expansion

However, Dave adds: “Whilst the LEP is fully supportive of the proposed expansion, this support is not unconditional.”

He expressed the need for “environmental safeguards” such as measures to address air quality and noise impacts on the airport’s neighbours, as well as the importance of sustainable travel to and from the airport.

You can read the statement on full by clicking on the link to the right of this page.

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