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Enterprise M3 welcomes Mary Ney review on LEPs’ governance and transparency

Enterprise M3 LEP welcomes the Mary Ney-led review of LEPs’ governance and transparency. We are very pleased to see that our local assurance framework, which is based on the Nolan Principles of Public Life, is already delivering against many of the recommendations of the report.

We are proud to have a robust culture of transparency in decision making and governance arrangements. The Enterprise M3 assurance framework, audited accounts, board papers, meeting agendas, risk register and other information relevant to our processes and decision making, are all posted on our website. In addition, detailed information about the various projects we fund, plus a full register of interest completed by our board members, are made available to the public on our website.

Given our strong track record, we are in a very good position to take forward the Government’s National Assurance Framework that will be derived from the recommendations in Mary Ney’s review.