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Enterprise M3’s Industrial Strategy begins to take shape

Enterprise M3 LEP will be undertaking detailed work on its emerging Local Industrial Strategy this spring, ahead of its planned publication later in the year.
Our Strategy will outline how the Enterprise M3 region can contribute even more to the UK economy, through an approach that benefits communities and residents across the area. The Local Industrial Strategy will be aligned with the National Industrial Strategy, and approved by Government.
Priorities will include establishing Enterprise M3 as one of the UK’s first regions for cutting-edge digital connectivity which will provide more opportunities for the hi-tech, high-value industries are important enablers of economic growth in the region as well as benefiting residents and public services. 
The LEP has been very clear that growth should increasingly be clean including making better use of energy and natural resources. There will be an emphasis on our strength as a global gateway for trade and investment through the South Coast ports and Heathrow airport. We also want to work with businesses to plan for their future workforce needs as new business models emerge and to consider how Enterprise M3 residents can take advantage of those opportunities. Housing remains a critical issue for the area and we will support measures being taken to diversify and increase housing supply.
Kevin Lloyd, Enterprise M3's Local Industrial Strategy Lead, said: “The Local Industrial Strategy provides exciting opportunities for the Enterprise M3 region, and also a new way of working for the LEP. We are aiming to bring together all of the organisations – councils, businesses, universities and others – that can drive positive change in Surrey and Hampshire, enhance our already high-performing economy and maximise the potential of the area as a place to live, work and visit.”
Enterprise M3 LEP have already produced our own Strategic Economic Plan which sets out ambitious plans for an average of 4 per cent growth per year driven particularly through innovation in an advanced, knowledge based, digital economy. The Local Industrial Strategy will act as the Strategic Economic Plan’s investment and action plan. Our region already has many strengths including high productivity by UK standards, an international focus, significant locational advantages, talented people and excellent universities. The Strategy will aim to make best use of these assets and secure them for the future.
In the coming months, we will be testing out ideas, through participation and engagement with partners and stakeholders with the aim of producing a set of compelling, widely supported, evidence-based, practical interventions. 
LEP chair Dave Axam has just had yet another one of his blog's published by the Government. Click here to read Dave's response to the question, 'Why do we have an Industrial Strategy?'