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Enterprise M3 are seeking input into our updated Strategic Economic Plan

In March 2014, Enterprise M3 published ‘Working for a Smarter Future; our Strategic Economic Plan (SEP) for 2014-2020.’ This is a forward-looking plan setting out their aspirations to drive innovation, accelerated economic growth and prosperity across the whole area.  Metro Dynamics are working with Enterprise M3 LEP to build on the existing SEP and update it to reflect the changing economic and policy environment and to guide future strategic priorities for investment in the area.

In the first phase of work, we will be undertaking a review of recent documents, programmes and national policy to produce an evidence base.  This will inform our understanding of the nature of the EM3 economy, and the priorities for a revised SEP.  We are opening this stage of the process up to any interested parties who would like to contribute to our work by submitting documents that they think we should review.  We anticipate that this may include recent work that you have done or commissioned.  We do not want to be prescriptive in the ask, as we believe there is a great deal of expertise that our work can benefit from. However, questions that may help frame a response include:

  • What do you think are the main strengths and weaknesses of the EM3 economy?
  • What are the opportunities for growth and how should we invest to maximise them? What is holding back our local economy and what action should we take to address risks that may restrict our growth?
  • How have the LEP’s investments contributed to the local economy so far? In what ways have the LEP’s existing programmes (Growth Deal projects; Growth Hub, etc.) been successful? Where could they be improved?
  • What can the LEP and partners do in the future to maximise economic growth in the EM3 area?
  • Is there any existing work (data, research, studies, etc.) that you suggest we refer to in developing the evidence base for the SEP?

In the second phase of work we will be undertaking detailed consultations with relevant stakeholders, but your initial views and thoughts would be gratefully received.Submissions should be emailed to by Friday 9 June. We would be grateful for early submissions where possible.