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EM3’s outstanding hi-tech, defence sector showcased to Government adviser

The Chief Business Adviser for BEIS visited the EM3 region to see first-hand the pioneering work of a leading, global, hi-tech defence company.
QinetiQ’s Farnborough HQ was the destination for Nick Chism of the Government’s Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

Enterprise M3 at the heart of the new ‘space race’

Fifty years since Neil Armstrong first made one small step on the moon, the 21st century space industry continues to make great strides in innovation, delivering a host of benefits for humankind.

Opportunity to Join our Enterprise M3 Team

Enterprise M3 is spearheading our region’s advancement into a globally competitive, digital and design-based economy which is inclusive of all residents. We are now looking for a talented individual to join our new team as a Trade and Investment Lead.