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Aldershot Railway Station

Last updated 22 November 2019
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Aldershot Railway Station

Project description

Rushmoor Borough Council and Hampshire County Council have developed proposals for public realm improvements to the railway station forecourt to include a revised public transport interchange which facilitates the redevelopment of the bus station site for a mixed-use development (now with planning permission).  This project seeks to improve vehicle, cycle and pedestrian accessibility to and from Aldershot Railway Station, recognising the need to promote access to the station by all modes of transport and seeks to introduce qualitative improvements to a key gateway into the town centre. 


There are two linked elements to the scheme:

Highway improvements to the road network, comprising

  • Converting the Station Road / Arthur Street teardrop roundabout to a priority junction allowing two-way traffic movements.
  • Installing a tiger crossing just west of the train station access. This will give cyclists using the off-road cycle route priority travelling to and from the station. It will also provide a level surface and widened footways to improve access to the station for those not travelling there by car
  • The southern section of Arthur Street will become two-way from Station Road to its junction with Windsor Way
  • Windsor Way from the Victoria Road junction to Arthur Street will become two-way
  • A new cycle route from the A323 to Aldershot railway station. The route will be on-road from the A323 in the north, connecting through Pickford Street to the railway station in the south

The railway station forecourt scheme, comprising

  • The creation of an improved public transport interchange in the forecourt area of the railway station, accommodating bus/taxi movements
  • Improved pedestrian links into the town centre
  • Improvements to the public realm by way of uplift to planting, paving and seating areas

Project aim

The aim of the Project is to: 


  • Create a pedestrian friendly environment 
  • Create an improved gateway into the town centre
  • Reduce traffic flow around the station 
  • Unlock a development site with the potential to deliver housing and jobs.

Project output

The Project can expect to deliver: 

  • 41 Direct Jobs created 
  • 90 Indirect Jobs created
  • 41 Construction jobs created
  • 616.5 sqm of commercial floorspace supported
  • 32 new homes supported


Key Outputs

Start date:

End date:

Amount financed: £200,000

Total cost: £600,000

Status: In progress

Project Lead: Kevin Travers

Partner: Rushmoor Borough Council

Themes: Places


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