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Innovation South

Last updated 22 October 2019
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Innovation South is a powerhouse of world class strengths in digital technologies that can transform the world and the way we live for the better: Better transport; better health; and ever more creative ways to relax and be entertained. 

In Autumn 2015 the UK Government announced regional investigations in different parts of the UK to identify individual region’s specialities. These so-called Science and Innovation Audits (SIAs) are a new approach to local economic development, and in the South of England, the Government gave its approval to the formation of the Innovation South consortium and its focus on strengths in Digital Enabling Technologies.

Innovation South is an Enterprise M3-led consortium of more than 100 organisations including businesses, industry and partners from across the private and public sectors. 

The reports of the Innovation South Audit derived from a four month long investigation, set out the substantial strengths and opportunities for the people, employers and economy of the South of England and explain why Innovation South is “Switching on our Future” 

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