Growth Deal 3 - Ambitious for Growth

We are delighted that we have submitted our Growth Deal 3 bid to Government. The bid highlights not only are we ambitious for growth, but there is an urgency for government, partners and businesses to invest in our area.  Investment will keep Enterprise M3 as a national asset, where success here does not only benefit our region; it resonates across the UK.  The Enterprise M3 area sits at the heart of the UK’s digital industrial strategy and our area is unique in its scientific, technical and innovative capability.

The Enterprise M3 Growth Deal bids for £164 million to support ambitious, innovative projects to grow the economy, create jobs, develop skills and invest in housing and transport solutions. This investment will deliver strong and sustainable economic growth ad improve productivity by increasing public and private sector investment and targeting funds to make the greatest impact. Working with our partners to achieve our ambitions - building on our successes to date, responding to the challenges we are now facing and moving forward together to make our area a great place to live and work.

We look forward to hearing how successful we have been by the 2016 Autumn Statement and we are confident that Government will want to ‘invest in success’.

Our bid document can be downloaded here, this should be read in conjunction with our 2015/16 Annual Report and our Strategic Transport Asks.