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Harnessing and embracing maverick behaviour

Last updated 28 November 2023
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Harnessing and embracing maverick behaviour

EM3 Growth hub Welcomes Paul Spiers, Founder, The New P&L Brand Purpose Institute, Host of The New P&L – Principles & Leadership in Business podcast.

“The Making of a Maverick”

Building Intrapreneurial cultures using the power of purpose and creativity. Mavericks are creative dreamers, independent thinkers and radical doers. They are changemakers, innovators and visionaries. They are what business today needs more of – those who have the courage, the creativity and the tenacity to turn today’s challenges into tomorrow’s opportunities.

However, some business leaders also fear Mavericks. Because they don’t understand them and don’t know how to harness their creativity and creative thinking. Or, because some don’t have the courage themselves to embrace the positive and powerful change that can come from building a ‘Movement of Mavericks’ within their business. Change is tough and letting go even tougher; even if the end result is a better business and a more vibrant culture.

In this keynote, Paul Spiers, Founder of The New P&L Brand Purpose Institute and Host of the global business podcast, - The New P&L – Principles & Leadership will explore why it is important to create a Movement of Mavericks within your business – passionate Intrapreneurs with real purpose who want to use their thinking, creativity and innovation to build better businesses, and a better society in the process.

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RSH Wisley
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