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Harness the Power of Social Media to Build Business Resilience

Last updated 24 March 2020
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As communities around the world grapple with the threat of COVID-19, online networking is becoming more important than ever. 

With the vast majority of the population using social media daily, and so many people requested to work from home, it is fundamental that businesses identify the ways in which they can connect with their target audience across social media platforms.

Why should you join this webinar?
This interactive, 2-hour webinar is designed to get you up to speed on how to execute a successful social media strategy and build business resilience.

What will you learn?
During the session you will reach a clear understanding of three core social media platforms and how to get started using social media for business. 

You will have the opportunity to see real examples using case studies and explain the strategies behind successful social media campaigns from a wide range of organisations and industries.

The courses will be facilitated in a language that everyone can understand regardless of their experience with social media so far.   
Key areas of focus:
Developing a social media strategy
Understanding your customers and target audience on social media
Building your online community and scoping out key priorities
Creating content for major social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
Key social media management tools to help you manage your resources effectively

Please note that this webinar will also run on Tuesday March 31st at 10am. Details on how to register for the second event are here

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