ESF Employees Support in Skills Funding

A call for applications to the European Social Fund in the Enterprise M3 area, with a value of £1.75m, was opened in summer 2016. This call is now closed.

Three kinds of activity were procured as part of this call:

  • Skills Support for the Workforce, Intermediate/Higher Skills Provision
  • Skills Support for Redundancy
  • Information, Advice and Guidance supporting skills development of the workforce to enable growth of SMEs.

The Skills Funding Agency is acting as an opt-in organisation, meaning they have provided match funding and are managing the procurement process. Further details on the procurement process can be found here. A copy of the specification, which provides the detail of the services to be procured, can be downloaded from the right hand side of this page. Further information is also available via the video series below, which we have prepared to give prospective applicants an overview of the opportunities and service requirements.

Please note that the specification covers the entire contract, which includes the three themes listed above. The videos cover each theme separately, so there is duplication of information which relates to the whole specification. The videos can be viewed separately or as a series covering the full specification.

A networking event was held on Tuesday 7 June, to provide an opportunity for applicants to ask questions and meet other prospective applicants, including lead organisations, with a view to forming partnerships to bid for funding. A list of organisations who attended the event, together with contact details and information on what they can offer to a potential partnership and what they are looking for from potential partners is available to download at the right hand side of this page. You can also download the presentations from the workshop as well as a list of questions that were asked, along with answers.

Skills Support for the Workforce











Skills Support for Redundancy

IAG supporting skills development of the workforce