NEW ESF calls and contracts signed

Enterprise M3 is pleased to announce the publication of 2 new European Social Fund (ESF) specifications in support of :

-       DIGITAL SKILLS for Employed worth £800k ESF. This call is issued jointly together with the neighbouring Coast 2 Capital LEP so as to cover the entire counties of Hampshire and Surrey.

-       DIGITAL SKILLS for the Unemployed worth £800k ESF

The link to the two specifications can be found here:

We now have two contracts that have been signed under the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) opt-in, and one under the Big Lottery Fund (BLF) opt-in.

The first contract under the SFA opt in is with Skills Training UK in consortium with Brooklands College, Basingstoke College of Technology and Brockenhurst College and has two work strands. The first strand is an Employer centred employability & basic skills aims to work with individuals who are long term unemployed and furthest away from the job market to gain work related skills and support to boost confidence and interest in finding work. The second strand is an Employer led vocational pathways project for the unemployed. This project aims to work with unemployed individuals closest to the job market to gain work related skills to boost ability to gain work.

The second contract is with Sparsholt College who are leading a consortium to deliver three strands of work. Firstly, an Employer led vocational pathways towards higher skills which aims to work with employed individuals, particularly those employed in the Enterprise M3 growth sectors, to gain further intermediate, technical and advanced vocational provision for career progression and productivity. The second strand is Employer led vocational pathways for redundancy project, which aims to work with individuals at risk of redundancy or recently made redundant, to retrain or/and upskill to continue or gain new employment, particularly within the Enterprise M3 growth sectors. Finally, they will run an information advice and guidance project which aims to work with businesses and individuals supporting strategic workforce development for business growth.

The two projects being procured through the Big Lottery Fund cover social enterprise and social inclusion.

The Social Enterprise project contract has been signed and the project, led by WSX Enterprise, has been launched. This project aims to work with unemployed individuals, especially those who are most at risk of social exclusion, to gain skills to start up or engage with social enterprises, thereby gaining employment.