Enterprise M3 Housing Study 2014

Enterprise M3 commissioned this housing study in 2014 to provide further background on issues such as affordability, planned supply, constraints and the major development sites within the Enterprise M3 area. The report makes recommendations to Enterprise M3 on how it can best work with partners across the public and private sector to accelerate delivery of housing.  

This study looks across the entirety of the Enterprise M3 area and at a number of possible scenarios around housing supply and need. The report highlights the need to ensure the swift delivery of sites that already have planning permission and Enterprise M3 has already been working with local authorities and developers to ensure that the necessary infrastructure to support housing is put in place.  

The purpose of the study is to stimulate debate and to identify common issues which are constraining housing delivery. It contains a number of important messages but it is not intended to be an objective assessment of housing market need.