Whitehill & Bordon Relief Road Phase 2 & A325 Integration Works

Relief road to facilitate the regeneration of Whitehill and Bordon

Project Description

The Whitehill and Bordon Relief Road and A325 Integration works will address congestion and reliability issues on the strategic network, enable strategic growth, facilitate a buoyant town centre and promote community integration. By providing access to the planned development, the project will unlock the economic regeneration of the town and create the conditions for future economic growth and investment. The Relief Road supports the regeneration of Whitehill & Bordon in order to: • provide a free flowing alternative to the A325 and relieve traffic congestion on the A325 • provide access to the new development • reduce development traffic flow on the A325 and on surrounding local roads • reduce community severance, currently created by heavy traffic flow on the A325 The two mile southern section of the Whitehill and Bordon Relief Road will join up with phase one (Louisburg Avenue), to create a new Relief Road to the west of the town, with a dedicated path for pedestrians and cyclists. This section of the road passes between the garrison redevelopment area and Hogmoor Enclosure. It includes a double roundabout junction at the southern tie-in with the A325. In addition, two traffic light controlled junctions; one to access the new garrison housing development and the second at the intersection with Oakhanger Road are being provided. The scheme also includes A325 Integration Works that comprise urban design and traffic management measures through the settlements of Whitehill and Bordon with the aim of deterring its continued use by through traffic, improving east west cycle and pedestrian movement across the corridor and integrating the redevelopment of the Garrison land to the existing settlements. The scheme will deliver journey time savings of up to 4 minutes through the town (via the Relief Road) and 2.5 minutes on the existing A325. Traffic reduction on the A325 is forecast to be in the region of 32%.

Key Outputs

This Project provides critical infrastructure required to unlock the development sites and support the wider regeneration. • Delivery of 3,350 new homes, including provision of affordable housing. • Approximately 63,000m2 of new employment, commercial and community floor space contributing to the redevelopment of Whitehill and Bordon into a thriving new Green Town; • Transformation of the area into a more attractive investment proposition for businesses, supported by a more reliable local transport network and more welcoming town centre environment; • Creation of up to 5,500 jobs in total, replacing the approximately 1,500 jobs lost from the Army relocation, plus additional jobs to serve the new development.
Growth Deal Amount: 
Total Project Cost: 
£29.8 million
Project Date: 
Sat, 10/01/2016 to Wed, 08/01/2018
Scheme Promoter: 
Hampshire County Council
Project Status: