Staines Sustainable Transport Package (Phase 1)

Providing a package of sustainable transport improvements between Staines and Heathrow

Project Description

A package of measures to improve sustainable transport options in Stanwell, north Ashford and Staines town centre, thereby enhancing the southern access to Heathrow Airport and enabling the area to meet its latent growth potential. The package of improvements is formed of six schemes focusing on key routes in and around the wider Staines area. The table below outlines these schemes: Scheme 1: A308 London Road/ High Street Provision of a new shared cyclist and pedestrian facility along the A308 to address road safety issues along a well-used route. The design of the scheme has been tied into two large proposed mixed-use developments along the route. New controlled surface crossing facilities will also be provided along the route and on the approach arm to the Crooked Billet Roundabout. Scheme 2: Station Link (Rosefield Road and Greenlands Road) In combination with Scheme 1, this will provide a cycle route and traffic calming measures between Staines rail station and the Crooked Billet Roundabout, which will connect with routes to Stanwell, Ashford and Heathrow. It will utilise the quiet residential roads of Rosefield Road and Greenlands Road. The new route will connect to the new facility along the A308 London Road/High Street. Scheme 3: Stanwell Moor Road Upgrade the existing off-carriageway shared-use pedestrian and cycle facility through widening, resurfacing and providing new controlled crossing facilities in key areas where the facility switches to the opposite side of the road. Also provide bus corridor improvements, by upgrading the facilities and improving accessibility to bus stops along the route. Scheme 4: Park Road Extend and improve the existing off-carriageway shared-use/segregated pedestrian and cycle facility which currently contains a number of gaps and conflicts with bus stops. It will provide a connecting cycle link between Stanwell Moor Road (Scheme 3) and Town Lane/High Street (Scheme 5). Scheme 5: Town Lane – A30 to Heathrow Link Combine routes along quiet residential/service roads with an extension to the existing off-carriageway shared-use pedestrian and cycle facility on Town Lane, to provide a continuous cycle route between the A30 and the orbital road surrounding Heathrow. Also involve upgrades to a number of well-used bus stops, including Ashford Hospital interchange, which will improve waiting facilities and accessibility. Scheme 6: Stanwell links and bus corridor improvements Improve accessibility and infrastructure facilities at bus stops along two key corridors within Stanwell (connecting to Heathrow and Staines town centre). Improvements will include Real Time Passenger Information screens; dropped kerbs to improve accessibility; raised kerbs to allow level access on to the bus and the installation of new shelters and seating areas. Increase accessibility to the bus corridors by creating a network of quiet residential routes. They will connect homes to local shops, schools and public amenities (e.g. bus stops) through a series of accessibility and wayfinding improvements.

Key Outputs

The improvements will make it easier, safer and more appealing for people to get around the area on foot, by bicycle and by public transport. In doing so, the project will provide safe and attractive routes that people will want to use when travelling to work, to the shops or for leisure. It will increase travel via sustainable modes, with a higher number of people travelling by foot, bicycle or bus, particularly to/from Staines Town Centre, Heathrow Airport and Stanwell (including Ashford Hospital) due to increased attractiveness of these modes. The aim is for this increase to be significantly driven by mode shift from private vehicle use Improved road safety and a decrease in pedestrian and cyclist casualties
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Project Date: 
Thu, 03/16/2017 to Mon, 12/16/2019
Scheme Promoter: 
Surrey County Council
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