Hart Suitable Alternative Natural Green Space

The purchase of land for new recreational space which will help to unlock new housing development in Hart and Rushmoor.

Project Description

A number of Local Authorities in the Enterprise M3 area are within the Thames Basin Heath Special Protection Area. Development within a defined distance of the Special Protection Area must provide mitigation against the impact of development upon protected species of birds. One form of mitigation is to provide Suitable Alternative Natural Green Space (SANG) which is an alternative public recreation area at an agreed standard of eight hectares per 1000 new residents. The delivery of SANGS has been identified as the primary barrier to bringing forward housing in a number of a number of authorities within the Thames Basin Heath area. The Hart SANGS project will acquire and develop land at Bramshott Farm, Hart as SANG to unlock housing in the Hart District Council and Rushmoor Borough Council area. This project will provide SANG land and mitigation for up to 1475 new homes in Hart and Rushmoor as well as providing a new recreational area.

Key Outputs

1475 homes
Growth Deal Amount: 
£5.3 million
Total Project Cost: 
£15.6 million
Project Date: 
Sat, 04/01/2017 to Mon, 12/31/2018
Scheme Promoter: 
Hart District Council
Project Status: