Enterprise M3 Transforming Colleges

A skills capital programme to support recommendations from the Post 16 Area Based Reviews and priorities of the Strategic Economic Plan

Project Description

A skills capital programme to focus investment on the recommendations of the Post 16 Area Based Reviews, supporting any capital requirements identified as part of the area review implementation. The programme will also support investments which would support the achievement of our Strategic Economic Plan for a world class, highly skilled workforce. Investments will explore new approaches to transforming college provision in our area to ensure economic growth is maximised.

Key Outputs

Economic outputs to support skills developments, e.g. apprenticeships and higher/degree apprenticeships
Growth Deal Amount: 
£10 million (approx)
Total Project Cost: 
£20 million (approx)
Project Date: 
Sat, 04/01/2017 to Sun, 09/30/2018
Scheme Promoter: 
Skills Providers tbc
Project Status: 
Coming Soon