Clay Lane Link Road (Phase 1), Guildford

Providing a new internal link road in Slyfield Industrial Estate to aid regeneration

Project Description

The Clay Lane Link Road is designed to improve access to the Slyfield Industrial Estate and aims to ease the current congestion issues, help existing businesses grow and encourage new businesses to relocate to the estate which will help retain jobs and create new employment opportunities. The road will extend Westfield Road and Moorfield Road to the east and provide for two new roundabouts and significant improvements and realignment to the one existing mini roundabout at Moorfield Road. The scheme will: • Enable the accelerated development of the Slyfield Area Regeneration Project • Provide the enabling infrastructure required to unlock access to the two major undeveloped allocated sites • Enable the relocation of a Sewage Treatment Works and Council Depot to proceed • Release a brownfield site capable of delivering the 1057 new homes and enabling the construction of two large new industrial units • Facilitate improved circulation within the eastern end of the Slyfield industrial estate, easing internal congestion.

Key Outputs

The outputs from the scheme are summarised below: • Jobs Safeguarded from Averted relocations 181 • Construction jobs created 2,050 • Jobs from multiplier effects 102 • Brownfield land brought back into economic use 41ha • Commercial Floorspace Developed or Upgraded 6,500sqm • Net Increase in Commercial Floorspace 6,500 • Additional homes brought forward 1,057 • Additional GVA Generated per Annum £122,960,333 • New Investment Generated £480,515,000 • Additional Apprenticeships Created 307 • Additional High Level Skills Qualifications Attained 307
Growth Deal Amount: 
Total Project Cost: 
Project Date: 
Sun, 04/02/2017 to Sat, 03/31/2018
Scheme Promoter: 
Guildford Borough Council
Project Status: